The pursuit and evolution of attraction.An everlasting brightness to be in herited in
the following ages.

"Fashion"is an historical moment and is oblivious to progress as itflashes and sparkles.
Nevertheless, this brilliant light dulls with the passage of time, and is forgotten.

But how about a work created with a true heart, a handmade item made with the
love a p arent holds for a child? it escapes the ravages of time, never losing its 
glitter, and continues to fascinate those whoacquire it throughout the ages.
Goldleather continues to seek this etemal light.

[Primitive]  [Divine]   [Gothic]

"Primitive"through which one experience the origins of life. "Divine" upon
which the breath of the gods is carried. "Gothic" rich with solemn fantasy.

Choose items that are styled for you from three lines emitting a universal
appeal. They have been designed so that simply wearing them will make these
talismans for a stronger, more positive you. This is Goldleather's great wish.

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